Best of the Beach
Welcome to the 2014 Best of the Beach Contest!

BALLOTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM 5 a.m., Thursday, August 14th through 11 p.m., Sunday, August 31st

Some simple tips and guidelines to get you started:

1) Voting in this year's Best of the Beach contest will only be held online. Paper ballots will not be accepted. When using the online ballot, you don't have to complete the entire thing at one time, as you move through you just hit the button to store your vote next to each cateogry and you can go back and change at anytime until the contest is over. All votes that are "stored" are what's counted to determine the winners.

2) You’ll see some slight changes to this year’s contest. Instead of having separate Reader’s Choice and Visitor’s Voice contests, we have broken our main ballot into three sections;, and Even though the ballot is separated into sections, all winners will officially inherit the Best of the Beach title. (the main news website for The Sun News) - features categories pertaining to local businesses and services (medical, home services, beauty, retail, etc.). (our new tourism site) – features categories that tourists, or even locals that like to play tourists would be interested in (restaurants, golf, attractions). (our weekly alternative newspaper) – features some off the cuff categories that test your knowledge of the local music scene, nightlife and favorite hangouts.

3) You will notice a lot of new categories and possibly some missing categories. Before each year’s contest we analyze the previous years votes and categories. Categories are eliminated for multiple reasons, but two of the most common are a lack of interest or voting in that particular category, or a lack of competition (meaning only one of that type of business in the area).

4) You must complete all the required registration information and vote in a minimum of 10 categories in order for your ballot to be counted.

5) Email and IP Addresses will be tracked and verified. Ballots that we suspect are being used to cheat the system will be disqualified.

CLICK HERE to start your ballot.